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About Kerry

     My primary job over the last twenty-five years has been to provide “adult supervision” for the people that spend the money.  I make sure that their contractual agreements make sense, are fair to both parties and most importantly, they get exactly what they paid for.  I have purchased multi-million and managed multi-billion dollar defense programs.  My current position has me working with aerospace customers across the globe.  The experience I’ve gained in the public and private sectors gives me a unique perspective into how things function. 

     The tax burden that’s being placed on our citizens keeps increasing and there’s no end in sight.  The state legislature disguises tax increases for education through additions to the gas tax while our roadways and bridges crumble.  Education needs a clear funding source to address improved facilities, instructor shortages and increased security needs.  Utah needs to spend its money like the limited resource that it is.  My goal is to provide voters a viable alternative to the tone deaf and short sighted politicians that are currently in power today.

    Mr. Wayne currently works as Contracts & Export Manager for a major aerospace manufacturer.  Mr. Wayne possesses a Master’s degree in Business & Human Resource Management from Utah State University and a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work / Healthcare Administration from Weber State University. He is also an Air Command and Staff College Graduate from the U.S. Air University.

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